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Health First Allen County - 2024 Grant Cycle
Is there a maximum or an established average amount of money an applicant/organization can request for the 2024 grant cycle?

For this inaugural grant cycle, no limits have been put in place in an effort to find the most impactful projects/programs through the application process. This may change in subsequent years. There may be instances where we may reach out to an organization to discuss an alternate amount if unable to award the entire requested amount.

How do I apply?

Visit the Health First Allen County Grant Application Portal to create an account and submit application materials. Helpful preparation resources can be found HERE.

Can organizations apply for funding under more than one Core Public Health Service (CPHS)?

For the 2024 grant cycle and due to the quick turn-around to build the grant platform, we are asking that organizations choose the most fitting/relevant Core Public Health Service under which to submit their request, and choose only one. If the project/program request will "touch" more than one CPHS, that is absolutely acceptable - and we ask that you do your best to explain the cross-connection among CPHS areas, but only apply under the one that appears to be the closest match. This could change in future years.

Can an organization apply for more than one grant?

For the 2024 grant cycle, we are asking organizations to choose the most applicable Core Public Health Service under which to apply and only submit one application per organization. This could change in future years.

Will you be funding mental health education in schools, related to childhood trauma and other, similar, related mental health issues for the 2024 grant cycle?

Funding for mental health was removed by the legislature from the Health First Indiana funding. The money was given to the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA) for stand-alone programming for emergencies and for various centers. Further, the Indiana Department of Health has programming for this as well. No monies were provided to local health departments for mental health programming or issues. That said, it does not mean these types of projects won't be accepted for consideration by the Allen County Department of Health if the project/program closely aligns with one of the identified Core Public Health Services or Key Performance Indicators.

Although food and drink cannot be purchased with these funds, can funding be used for "structure" items related to programs/projects?

The Health First Allen County grant funds, once awarded, can be used for approved staffing costs, some equipment costs, and other contractual costs for services, depending on the nature of the project/program. The list of funding preclusions can be found in the Request for Applications, which can be found HERE.

Will you be providing issue-related data (such as ZIP codes or census tracts) to allow for organizations to target funding requests to areas of need?

The Allen County Department of Health does not have a great amount of data of that sort in the Core Public Health Service areas for which funding may be sought in the 2024 grant cycle. Nearly all of those services were previously overseen by the Indiana Department of Health (IDOH) or others. We look forward to learning from the experts currently working in these areas regarding their data sets, known areas of need for which they feel projects/programs are needed, and are currently working to obtain any public data sets from IDOH or others to build our repository.

Will adult literacy fall under the school health Core Public Health Service (CPHS)?

It is difficult to answer that question until a project/program is submitted so that we may assess its relevancy and alignment with the defined Core Public Health Services and Key Performance Indicators.

Can the funds be used for "growth and collaboration efforts"? (e.g. Using funds to hire a contractor to do gap analyses of Core Public Health Service areas or to discern the need for collaborations, coalitions or more efficient service delivery methods.)

This is possible but will depend on the process, topic, timeline and overall alignment with the needs of the specific Core Public Health Service area objectives for 2024. We encourage submission of projects/programs for consideration so we may view the specifics of the plan being requested.

What will the Allen County Department of Health's Maternal and Child Health "set-up" or footprint look like for the future?

Honestly, that is just too difficult to predict. While there are plans to deploy new programming and projects within the 22 Core Public Health Service areas, our current focus is staffing and space growth and deployment of the public health grants program.

Is there a required funding match to receive the funding? Does it assist with the application's likelihood of being funded to note current matching funds being put forth on a given area/project/program?

There are no required matching funds to receive HFAC funding awards at this time. We encourage organizations to share any relevant information on current dollars now being put forth or received to support the efforts so that we have that information to consider when deciding upon funding for projects/programs. The grant application itself will request certain budget information like this.

Is this funding geared more toward sustainment of current programming or growth of programming?

It will depend on the Core Public Health Service area as well as the project/program in question. It is possible the funding can support either of these needs. For the future, the hope for use of this funding will be focused on growth and reaching more people with needed services. For the first year, we will carefully consider each application to ensure the best fit, the widest reach, and the best alignment with the needed goals of the funding in its initial stages.

How much money will the Allen County Department of Health be granting out for programs/projects in 2024 through its Health First Allen County initiative?

Until we receive our final funding award amount from the Indiana Department of Health, an exact number cannot be provided. We expect to receive that in September and will revise our budget accordingly. There are certain services and certain staffing requirements local health departments must meet, utilizing the funds as stipulated in the funding legislation. Further, the Department will proactively deploy new programming on its own over time. It is estimated that the Department will grant out more than $2 million in 2024 (possibly more) and likely around twice that amount in 2025 (pending actual amounts received).

What if we would like to submit a project that is not a full-year project? How does that affect the quarterly reporting structure that was mentioned?

If a project is awarded that is not operational year-round, it is likely that a more tailored metric and reporting structure would be created for that specific project.

I am a startup and have no historical operational budget/tax documents. Can I still apply?

For this first year of the grants program and due to the importance that has been put upon the completion of the required Core Public Health Services and Key Performance Indicators, a strong emphasis will be put on existing organizations with an existing track record of success in similar areas. That said, organizations can still submit a letter of intent and their submissions will be reviewed and provided with feedback.

What are the timelines associated with the grant process?

The full list of applicable dates and deadlines can be found in the Request for Proposals document, which can be found HERE.

To whom do I address the formal letter of support?

Health First Allen County Grants Team, or HFAC Grants Team.

Do we have to upload our budget again, or is the question in the application phase about the project/program budget only?

Since full budgets for organizations were required for submission through the letter of intent (LOI) stage, we are only interested in the budget for your proposed project/program/expansion during the application phase. We are looking for specificity regarding how the requested funds will be used.