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Hotels & Motels

Hotel motel allen county department of health indiana

The Department of Health’s Environmental Services Division Vector Control & Healthy Homes Program issues permits and conducts routine inspections of hotels and motels in Allen County.

Establishments must meet minimum standards for the health and safety of all visitors and guests outlined in the Allen County Lodging Establishment Ordinance. Department health inspectors ensure bedding and linens are appropriately laundered, furnishings are in good repair and rooms are free of pests and vermin.

Each establishment is inspected at least once a year and receives a letter grade, which must be posted in a visible area to patrons. Hotels and motels are also inspected in response to a complaint.

Submit a Complaint

If you recently visited a hotel or motel in Allen County and need to report a sanitation issue or pest problem, call 260.449.7459 or submit an online complaint here. The Department attempts to respond within one business day of receiving the complaint. You can leave your name or remain anonymous. If you choose to include your name on the complaint it may appear on public record.