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Healthy Homes

Healthy Homes Allen County Department of Health Indiana

Ways to Keep Your Home Healthy

  • Keep it dry – repair leaks, keep the house well-ventilated, keep surfaces clean and dry, and throw away/replace items that have been wet for more than two days
  • Keep it clean – dust can trigger allergies and asthma; spilled food and liquids attract rodents and insects
  • Minimize clutter – clear pathways and having good lighting help prevent falls
  • Do not store easy to burn products indoors – keep them away from heat, sparks and fire
  • Keep all cleaning products, medicines, pesticides and other hazardous materials like matches out of the reach of children
  • Do not smoke indoors
  • Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors –test and change batteries regularly
  • Test for lead and radon – follow the advice of a professional in fixing identified hazards | View a radon fact sheet that includes a map of high-risk areas
  • Keep emergency numbers like poison control in or next to your phone – Poison Control can be reached at 1-800-222-1222

Call 260-449-7459 with additional questions or for more information on healthy homes topics.

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Pest Control

The Department uses integrated pest management – an effective, environmentally-sensitive approach relying on practices like sanitation, exclusion, trapping and applying low-toxicity, low-risk pesticides to control vectors like rodents and mosquitoes.

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Toxic Substances Allen County Department of Health Indiana
Toxic Substances

Get information on how to protect yourself and your family from toxic substances found in the home, which can be harmful to your health.

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Unsanitary Garbage Allen County Department of Health Indiana
Unsanitary Conditions

The Department investigates unsanitary conditions in homes and apartments, including insect and rodent infestations, animal or human waste, clutter throughout living areas, no operating utilities and extreme uncleanliness.

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Questions About Healthy Home Issues?

Call Vector Control & Healthy Homes for questions or concerns about healthy home issues including rodents, mosquito control and childhood lead poisoning.