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Cooling stations available starting Sunday Due to forecasted high temperatures, the City of Fort Wayne announced that cooling stations will be available starting Sunday, June 16 - and each day after, where temperatures are at 90 degrees or higher. Click this message for locations and times of availability.

Environmental Health

Maintaining a healthy environment is critical to increasing quality of life. Learn more about environmental factors that harm human health and how to identify, prevent and control effects.

Pollution Outdoor Air Quality Allen County Department of Health Indiana

Air Quality

Breathing dirty air is harmful to human health and the environment. Learn more about how to reduce your risks and improve air quality.

Wash Lettuce Foodborne Illness Allen County Department of Health

Food & Consumer Safety

Food-related diseases affect tens of millions of people each year. Get information on safe food handling, cooking and storage practice that prevent many foodborne illnesses.

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Healthy Homes

Healthy homes is a coordinated, comprehensive and holistic approach to preventing diseases and injuries from housing-related hazards and deficiencies. Learn more about common hazards and how to create a safe, healthy home environment for you and your family.

Water Quality Allen County Department of Health Indiana

Water Quality

Clean, safe drinking water helps sustain human life. Swimming and other water-related activities are excellent ways to get the physical activity needed for healthy living. Learn more about the importance of water quality for drinking, recreation, sanitation and hygiene.