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Unsanitary Conditions

Unsanitary Garbage Allen County Department of Health Indiana

The Department investigates unsanitary conditions in homes and apartments, including insect and rodent infestations, animal or human waste, clutter throughout living areas, no operating utilities and extreme uncleanliness.

The Department's Vector Control & Health Homes division coordinates complaint inspections with the following agencies:

Abandoned Refrigerators & Freezers

Refrigerators and freezers should not be stored outside with doors attached because of the safety hazard. The Clean Air Act requires freon is removed by a licensed company before appliances are sent to the landfill or recycled.

The following collect freon appliances for a small fee. The list is provided as a courtesy and the Department does not endorse the companies.

  • A-1 Mark’s Appliance, Inc. 260-422-5700
    A-1 collects at home for a fee or accepts drop-offs at a lower cost. All appliances are recycled or reused.
  • OmniSource 260-422-5541
    Appliances can be dropped at OmniSource for recycling. There is no curbside collection. A fee is charged if freon is still in the appliance. There is no charge if freon and compressor are removed.
  • Wisman’s Appliance 260-483-0575
    Wisman’s recycles appliances and will collect curbside for a small fee or for a lower fee if it is dropped off.
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Hoarding is a mental condition leading people to excessive accumulation of items regardless of actual value. People with hoarding disorders collect materials that take over living space, and they experience distress at the thought of getting rid of items.

Hoarding can result in insect or rodent infestations and decrease home escape routes. When there are no health or safety issues from hoarding, the Department works with occupants to reduce materials in the home. When there is an infestation or no escape routes, the Department will contact the appropriate housing agency to assist the occupant until hoarding and pest infestations are addressed.

Debris, Un-Rimmed Tires & Open Containers

Rodents and wildlife need food, water and a place to hide or nest. Mosquitoes need small, stagnant bodies of water to breed and grow. Mosquitoes and pests flourish when food, rubbish, un-rimmed tires, dog feces and containers accumulate outside.

To reduce issues, properly dispose trash in sealable cans. Recycle tires and scrap metal at area recycling centers. Empty water from containers and store inside. Place screens over rain water containers to prevent mosquitoes and wildlife water access.

Composting helps gardens grow and reduces landfill waste. Meat, eggs and cat/dog feces should not be used and will attract rodents, flies and produce odor.

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Un-Maintained Pools

From April through October, un-maintained swimming pools provide habitats for mosquitoes. Pools with unclear water pose a danger to children and adults who might fall in and not be visible from above. Swimming pools must be maintained, removed, filled in or properly covered. The cover must be tight or sloped so rain water and leaves cannot collect on it. A loose cover holding water can also provide a breeding habitat for mosquitoes.

Unsanitary Living Conditions Complaints

Call 260-449-7459 or submit through the online form to make a complaint regarding unsanitary conditions. Be prepared to provide the address of the residence and a description of the conditions. We attempt to respond within 1 business day of receiving complaints. Complaints can be anonymous but any information provided will be considered a matter of public record.