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Birth & Death

The Department of Health’s Vital Records Division issues certified birth and death records for events occurring in Fort Wayne and Allen County.

Applicants for Vital Records must have a direct and tangible interest in the record requested and be able to identify it with reasonable particularity. Identification is required for the purchase of a birth or death certificate. Options include a valid driver’s license, state ID or passport.

Vital records birth certificate newborn allen county department of health

Birth Certificates

Certified birth certificates are needed for proof of employment, U.S. passport applications, school enrollment, Social Security cards and other forms of identification. Birth certificates are forgery-resistant documents printed on safety paper with watermarks, engraving, background security patterns and sequential numbers.

Hospital births are transmitted electronically by the hospital to the local health department usually within five days. For births outside a hospital, the person in attendance is required to file the birth with the local health department. Please contact Vital Records for the procedure to file a home birth.

Certified copies of the certificate are issued only for births that occurred in Allen County. The cost for a birth certificate is $20 per copy.

Contact Vital Records at 260.449.7147 for further instructions on seeking a birth certificate if you are not named on the document.

Death Certificates

A death certificate is the legal proof of death and is used by the government to terminate benefits, settle estates and provide entitlements to families.

Most information needed to complete a death certificate is obtained from the family of the deceased. A physician must complete the cause of death information and sign the death certificate. The funeral director files the completed certificate with the local health department in the county where the death occurred.

Death certificates are issued for deaths that occurred in Allen County. The cost for a certified death certificate is $20 per copy, and a non-certified death certificate is $3 per copy.

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Obtaining a Certificate

Birth and death certificates may be obtained through our walk-in, mail-in service or online. The Department accepts cash, money order, debit or credit cards (there is a minimum processing fee of $1.75 per credit/debit card transaction). Personal checks are not accepted. The Department is not responsible for cash sent through the mail. After completing a form, your average wait time to receive your birth or death certificate is 10 to 20 minutes.

Walk-in Service

Same-day service is available by visiting the Vital Records Division.


Citizens Square
200 E. Berry St., third floor
Fort Wayne, IN 46802


8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Mail-in Service

If mailing in the request, please sign the application form, attach a copy of your identification and include payment. For requests received through the mail, please allow 7 to 10 business days for processing.

Mail requests to:

Vital Records Division
200 E. Berry St., Suite 360
Fort Wayne, IN 46802

Obtain Birth & Death Certificates Online

For your convenience, the Department of Health has partnered with VitalChek Network Inc. to provide you an ability to order certificates online. An additional fee is charged by VitalChek for the service and all major credit cards are accepted. Click on the link for the cost and processing time of certificates using the online service.