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Cooling stations available starting Sunday Due to forecasted high temperatures, the City of Fort Wayne announced that cooling stations will be available starting Sunday, June 16 - and each day after, where temperatures are at 90 degrees or higher. Click this message for locations and times of availability.

See Through the Smoke

Smoke Filled Lungs
No Vaping

Vaping isn't safe.

Just like cigarettes and other tobacco products, vapes (or e-cigarettes) contain harmful chemicals such as nicotine that can cause serious health problems.

Some say vaping isn't dangerous – or, at least, it isn't as dangerous as smoking. But using any tobacco product comes with risk, and vapes are not a safer alternative.

See Through the Smoke by using resources here to learn more about smoking and vaping.

Quit Now Indiana


Quitting smoking and/or vaping has benefits, no matter your age or how long you have been using tobacco products.

Benefits include:

  • Better health status/quality of life
  • Reduced risk of premature death
  • Reduced financial burden
  • Reduced risk for health problems such as heart disease and cancer

QuitNowIndiana is a free phone or web-based service that helps Indiana residents quit. It offers resources such as personalized plans and free nicotine replacement products.

Benefits of quitting, over time